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Establishing and developing your literary career means acquiring skills and maintaining the discipline of writing. That part hasn't changed in a hundred years. But these days, being a writer also means taking control of your own marketing; keeping track of opportunities; knowing when, where and to whom you've sent your manuscripts; and availing yourself of the explosion of reference resources and other information on the Internet. To do all that, I've never seen a tool as powerful and appropriate as SkyeSuite.

Gregory Robison
Executive Director
The Writer's Center

The Writer's Center
Membership Organization
Colorado Bureau of Investigation
Law Enforcement
Platinum - $399/yr
You get ALL SIX integrated SkyeSuite® tools, plus:
25 Users
1GB Storage
2 Locations
All data protected, backed up daily and monitored 24/7
Unlimited online support. Available telephone support (first hour free).
ADD additional memory, users and locations for less than $10 a month.
* billed annually
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