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Suite Files
Suite Features
Access files anytime, anywhere, on any device
Starts at 1 Gig folder and file storage
Secure documents by controlling access
Search for files using folder or file names

You're in Beijing, your client is in Los Angeles. How can everyone access the files they need, when they need them? You just uploaded the photos from your family trip. How can you show them to everyone quickly?

Easy. With Suite Files, you have a virtual file cabinet at your fingertips, and unlimited space to create folders and subfolders. Whether you need global approval on the cover of a marketing presentation, or you want to show off the video of your baby's first steps, Suite Files keeps your files secure.

Store and share any electronic document, video or digital image, and your file pane will display the file name, size, type, when it was last modified and more. Need a file quickly? Use the integrated search feature. Built-in security features even allow you to control the level of access to sensitive documents.

Suite Files enables file sharing across time zones, or just across town. Now that's Suite.

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