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Record frequent locations and events just once
Get meeting descriptions at a glance
Set appointments by date range
Include driving directions in your calendar view

When you're on the go, the last thing you need is a bulky paper calendar. And why reduce the face time you have with your clients by calling the office to check your schedule?

With Suite Dates, your jam-packed Monday or weekend away with your sweetie are quickly added to your calendar and viewable at a glance.

Fully customizable, you can add your most frequent meeting locations—including directions—just once, and select them from a dropdown menu for future appointments. You can do the same thing for events. Whether it's your season ticket schedule or a recurring meeting, Suite Dates makes it easy.

No need to search through e-mails or notes to find a URL or description of what your meeting is all about. Each date screen includes space for you to record and reference what to expect. You can even link to a referenced Web site right from your calendar.

Suite Dates makes scheduling a snap, so you're always on time.

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