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We've been there. You have someone on the phone referencing an e-mail from weeks ago and you are frantically scanning the hundreds of e-mails for the one you need.

Relax. With Suite Contacts, every exchange you have had with your contact, whether by e-mail, instant message, notes, even shared files or phone calls—are logged and at your fingertips.

That is just the beginning. Start by seamlessly importing your contacts from Outlook or other address book applications into SkyeSuite. From there, add all the details.

Dropdown menus within your contact view allow you to categorize your contacts by organization or group for rapid creation of e-mail blasts, mailings and more.

Built-in security features allow you to control the level of access to the personal information of your valuable contacts on an individual basis.

With Suite Contacts, communication has never been so robust, simple and secure.

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